Welcome Myra Brodsky to the Red Rocket Team!

Berlin, Germany —> New York, New York.

Myra has travelled extensively throughout Europe before moving here in May 2017 to be exposed to the NY art scene.

Strongly influenced by art nouveau, art deco and the Victorian era, the rococo, baroque and renaissance painting, Brodsky’s tattoo style is fused with the past and present. Her work is sweet and innocent but met with a kind of darkness. She is part of the “new traditional” tattoo movement, which brings together old school customs with a new school edge. She is also influenced by new realism, an early 20th century art movement. “Anything from the past has a big influence on my work,” she says.

She’s looking to expand her client list and is looking for fun new projects. Click on her name on the left to visit her bio page and see more of her work, or follow her on instagram: @spinsterette.

She’s got a full set of flash designs ready to go, so contact the shop or stop by to get tattooed by her!


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