Appointments are not required, but they are a good idea and we do recommend them. We accept walk-ins whenever possible, but availability varies from day to day. For custom tattoos, it is best to make an appointment ahead of time so that the artist has time to draw for the tattoo.

Appointments must be made in person with the artist of your choice. You can call ahead to schedule a consultation, or just stop by to discuss in person. If there is a particular artist you are interested in speaking with, check their portfolio page to see what days they are in the shop. Please bring printed copies of any reference material you may have. You will need to leave a $100 cash deposit to secure the appointment. The amount of the deposit will be deducted from the final price of the tattoo (for multi-session tattoos, it will come off the price of the final session).

If you are coming from out of town, you can schedule an appointment ahead of time by sending us an email at Please let us know the dates of your trip, what you want to get (design, size, placement), and if let us know if there is a particular artist you want to work with. It is a good idea to pick more than one just in case, as artists have varying availability during the week. Feel free to send along any images you would like us to use as reference in your email as well.

The short answer is, it depends on the tattoo. There is a minimum price of $100 that applies to all tattoos, no matter how small. Any tattoo that can be completed in a single sitting will be charged at a flat rate that is determined by the artist and is based on the size, placement, and design (complexity) of the tattoo.

Larger pieces—anything that takes more than one session to complete—are charged by the hour, at a rate of $200/hour. It is very difficult to estimate how long a multi-session tattoo will take, as it depends on the design, how you sit for the tattoo, etc. Sessions are usually 3-4 hours long and can be scheduled as far apart as you like, so that the cost of the tattoo is spread out over time. For specific estimates or price quotes, please come into the shop and speak to an artist in person. You can also let your artist know if you have a budget, and he or she will keep it in mind in designing the tattoo.

Yes, we accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard. Tips and deposits are cash-only though.

We cannot do drawings for tattoos unless you have committed to getting tattooed by leaving a $100 deposit and setting a date. Once you have made an appointment, an artist will do a drawing for your tattoo. The drawing will be ready by the day of your appointment, and any changes that you want to make to it can be made at that time. If you want to see a drawing before your appointment date, you may make arrangements with your artist to do so. In certain cases—large-scale pieces and cover-ups, for example—the artist will draw the design directly on the skin with markers.

Heck no! We do only make real tattoos for real cool clients.

Nope. We canʼt vouch for the safety of such chemically reactive inks, so we donʼt use them in our shop.

Some of our artists do, sometimes. All-white tattoos are tricky, because itʼs almost impossible to guarantee how they will look. They really only show up on pale skin—remember, youʼre seeing the ink through a layer of skin, so the darker your skin is, the less visible a pale color will be. Sometimes they end up looking weird and yellowish, and sometimes they donʼt show up at all. Sometimes they age weirdly. If you want a white tattoo, just know that itʼs kind of a crap-shoot. If you want an all-white tattoo, please come into the shop and speak to an artist in person about it.

No. There is always a chance the ink will “fall out” during the healing process, so we cannot guarantee these tattoos. Inner lip tattoos also have a tendency to distort, fade, or disappear entirely over time.

We are happy to touch up or rework old tattoos, or to cover them, if we can. Whether or not we can depends on the tattoo. The best thing to do is come by to discuss in person. We’ll take a look, and let you know what is and is not possible with the tattoo.

Keep in mind that a cover-up will always be significantly larger than the original tattoo. Also, tattoo ink is not opaque, so a cover-up is more about disguising the old tattoo rather than “painting over it.” Very dense, dark tattoos are difficult to cover and may require a few sessions of laser to lighten them up before they can be worked on.

Pain is relative, but…yes. It’s not unbearable, but it’s not exactly fun, either. In general, it is more painful if your system is already stressed for any reason. If you are sick, hungover, lacking sleep, etc. it will probably hurt more. The best thing you can do is get a good nightʼs sleep, eat properly beforehand, drink plenty of water, and relax. Do not take any medication or drink alcohol that will thin out your blood!

It varies from person to person. The difference between the most painful spot and the least painful spot isn’t really that big, so you might as well get the tattoo where you actually want it instead of where you think it will hurt less. Pain is temporary, but the tattoo is for good!

No. For one thing, we wonʼt tattoo anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Alcohol thins the blood, makes it harder to sit still, and turns most people into jerks. Nobody wants that.

Itʼs ultimately your decision, but there a few things to keep in mind. Numbing creams can change the texture of your skin and how it takes ink, which can affect the final appearance of the tattoo. They also aren’t particularly effective, since they get wiped off pretty quickly as the tattoo is being done. Basically the risks (possibly screwing up your tattoo) aren’t worth the minimal rewards in our opinion.

Yes. We take every precaution possible with regard to hygiene. However, there is always a possibility of infection if you do not properly care for your tattoo while it is healing. With that said, all of our resident artists and guests are fully licensed and registered professional tattoo artists, and everyone’s safety is our #1 concern.

It is not a good idea to get tattooed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the body’s systems are already stressed. If you have further questions about this, it would be best to discuss it with your doctor.

Shops are not licensed in the state of New York, but individual artists are. Each of our artists has received education in the area of blood-borne pathogens and is licensed by the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

We take every precaution possible with regard to hygiene. We use sterile, single-use needles and disposable gloves. All other supplies are either single-use or medically sterilized. Our autoclave (thatʼs a fancy word for sterilizer) is tested once a month by an outside service to make sure it is functioning properly.

Yes, if you think he or she did a good job. If you would like a guideline, you can think of it as you would any service industry—the norm is 10-20%, though we very much appreciate whatever amount you feel is appropriate. For multi-session tattoos, itʼs customary to tip at the end of each session as opposed to at the end of a project. Please keep in mind that we can only accept tips in cash. Thanks!

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