Matt Adams

Queens, NY — 20 + Years. OG STATUS EXPERIENCE


Available: By appointment or walk-in. ACCEPTING CASH OR CARD. Please plan accordingly.

Instagram – @mattytat

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Matt started tattooing in 1998 in the basement of a friend’s apartment.

I’ll be honest—the first couple years were kinda wild! Working in some shady shops and putting up with off-the-wall conditions. Along the way meeting some very interesting characters and overcoming both technical and artistic obstacles.

Matty was able to start really honing his craft in 2005 when he began working at a well-established shop in NYC. Working alongside talented artists, he was constantly inspired- something he says continues to this day. He’s always learning from his co-workers and fellow artists and is passionate about refining his craft.

After a few year stint in California, he’s back here in NYC at Red Rocket Tattoo. With a diverse portfolio and a creative, open mind, Matty is happy to do tattoos of any shape, size or style.