TOP NOTCH TATTOOS SINCE 1998 * Independent Artists * International Guests * Walk-Ins Welcome * Must be 18 with I.D. * $100 Minimum


Connecticut, USA — 26 Years - O.G. STATUS EXPERIENCE

Hours: Mon, Fri & Sat- 12-8pm.

Available: By appointment or walk-in.

Instagram – @Darthneedles

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Needles is a Star Wars freak, horror fanatic and all around movie buff who also finds time to tattoo and paint. He has been tattooing in New York City for over 26 years.

Needles currently splits his time tattooing at Red Rocket Tattoo in NYC, Speakeasy Tattoo in Peekskill, NY and 8 Golden Falcons Tattoo in Brewster, NY. Whereas he enjoys tattooing, painting, and general geekdom as a whole, he is especially partial to the horror and comic book genres, and all things Star Wars.  Needles has a Communication Design degree from Pratt Institute and is also a freelance illustrator.