Do you do all-white tattoos?

Some of our artists will, sometimes.

All-white tattoos are difficult for many reasons.  In all cases, white pigment is lighter than a person’s natural skin pigment.  Once the tattoo is fully healed, you will be looking at it through three layers of semi-permanent skin.  Like looking through sunglasses, the darker the glass, the darker the view.  The darker the skin, the less likely to see a fully white tattoo.  Keep in mind the tattoos that show up the best will be solid black on light skin, which provides the strongest contrast.  White ink is also sensitive to the tattoo process and may tarnish as the pigment is ground against the tube and needle.  Special tubes and handling are needed.  These factors make predicting the final outcome difficult.  Keep in mind many tattoo photos you see are of freshly done tattoos, not healed, and all colors will appear strong and bold.  Even white.

If non of this changes your mind, please consult with your favorite artist about it!

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