Is getting tattooed safe?

Yes.  At Red Rocket Tattoo we take your health and safety seriously.  All of our artists are tested and licensed by the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  All artists are trained in Universal Precautions consistent with hospitals and dental offices.

All needles, inks and other materials that come into contact with any client are single-use and disposable.  Equipment that is not practically disposable is sterilized to state hospital standards using a TUTTNAUER AUTOCLAVE that is maintained and spore tested monthly by an outside testing agency.  A copy of this monthly test is available for you inspection.

We do our part to insure your health and safety while getting your tattoo in our studio.

AFTERCARE is YOUR responsibility and easy enough to maintain by following the instructions in our AFTERCARE TIPS section.

The outside world is a dirty place!  It is all up to you to care for and protect your new tattoo until it is healed!

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