Chris Murphy

New York City — 13 years EXPERIENCE


Available: By appointment or walk-in. ACCEPTING CASH OR CARD. Please plan accordingly.


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Authentic Roots in NYC

Chris Murphy has been in love with tattooing since before she could write her own name. She grew up watching her father tattoo in the early 90’s on St Marks St. in New York City, before tattooing was legalized. While keeping busy at the front desk, she would see people come into the shop scared and excited. A short while later she would watch them walk out of the shop with a brand new tattoo, a huge smile, and a new story to tell.

It was seeing that impact you could have on a complete stranger’s life that had her hooked. Chris believes the power to collaborate with a client’s ideas and stories to form a unique piece of art they can forever wear proudly is something no other art form allows. In Chris’ own words,

“I take pride in every tattoo I am given the opportunity to do, it is an honor to be able to hear my clients’ stories and be trusted to tattoo them. I always approach tattooing methodically in everything from small simple tattoos to complex ones that may take multiple sessions to complete. I would like to grow into a well-rounded artist versed in most genres of tattooing. I’m extremely passionate about my work, so no matter what the subject matter is, if my hands are busy and I’m happy.”

Chris Murphy started her apprenticeship under both her father, Thomas Murphy, and Johann Florendo. She came to Red Rocket in 2012 to further her quest for knowledge and better her skills at tattooing. Under the watchful eye of both Adam Hays and Mike Bellamy, she has grown tremendously in skill and experience.

Now with over a decade of serious tattooing under her belt, Chris has become known for her fine lines and intricate detailed work, earning her a dedicated following of happy clients!  She takes her sweet time, making her quality worth it at at twice the price!

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