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Appointments are not required for all artists but we do recommend it if you want to guarantee your time.  We strongly suggest making an appointment for all custom work which allows your artist to properly prepare for you.  We accept walk-ins whenever possible.  Artist availability will very from day to day and is first come, first served.

Please contact your chosen artist directly through the links on their artist page.  You are welcome to call ahead and arrange a personal consultation or stop in and discuss your ideas in person.  Artist schedules are posted on their artist page.

Please bring printed copies and/or any reference related to your project.

A $100 cash deposit will secure your appointment and will be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo.  For multi-session tattoos ( back piece, sleeve, etc. ) your artist will hold and apply your deposit to the final tattoo session.

If you are coming from out of town or even out of the country, please contact your chosen artist directly to arrange your date.  If you are unable to do so, you may e-mail us at  and we will forward your information to them.

Be sure to include the dates of your trip, your choice of tattoo (details include photos, placement, size, black and white or color, etc.), preferred artist if any and/or back up artist.

The short and sweet answer is, it depends on the tattoo.  There are many factors determining the cost of a tattoo including size, placement, color vs. black and grey, or simple outlines.  Complexity of design, number of sessions and pure skill necessary all factor into the cost.

OUR SHOP MINIMUM is $100.00.  This is our starting point, no matter how tiny, and increases from there accordingly.  Most single-sitting tattoos will be given a flat rate at consultation.

OUR HOURLY RATE is $250.00 per hour which applies to very large or multi-session tattoos.  It is often difficult to estimate how long some multi-session tattoos will take to complete.  Sessions are usually 3-4 hours long and spaced about two weeks apart to allow for healing in between sessions but is at the discretion of your artist.  The cost of a larger tattoo may be spread out over time (or paychecks!) by making sessions further apart to allow your body and wallet to recover.  However it is best to move right on through to completion of your large tattoo so it remains fresh in your artist’s mind and spirit!

Specific estimates or price quotes need to be made through a personal consultation.

We accept all major credit cards and good old fashioned cash.  DEPOSITS and TIPS are cash only, please.

YES, we accept all major credit cards and good old fashioned cash.  TIPS and DEPOSITS are cash only, please!

Your artist may happily draw for you ahead of time when you have COMMITTED by leaving your $100.00 DEPOSIT and setting your appointment date.  If you’re simply dying to see your design early, kindly let your artist know.  In most cases, your design will be ready and waiting the day of your appointment.  Any changes can be made at the time of your appointment.

Some artists will draw directly onto your skin with a marker.  This is called “FREEHAND” and is done at the time of your appointment, of course.

Sorry, No.  We prefer to specialize in the ancient craft of real deal tattoos!

Sorry, No.  As cool as they look in pictures, we simply can’t vouch for the safety of such reactive inks, so we stay on the safe side and don’t use them at Red Rocket Tattoo.

Some of our artists will, sometimes.

All-white tattoos are difficult for many reasons.  In all cases, white pigment is lighter than a person’s natural skin pigment.  Once the tattoo is fully healed, you will be looking at it through three layers of semi-permanent skin.  Like looking through sunglasses, the darker the glass, the darker the view.  The darker the skin, the less likely to see a fully white tattoo.  Keep in mind the tattoos that show up the best will be solid black on light skin, which provides the strongest contrast.  White ink is also sensitive to the tattoo process and may tarnish as the pigment is ground against the tube and needle.  Special tubes and handling are needed.  These factors make predicting the final outcome difficult.  Keep in mind many tattoo photos you see are of freshly done tattoos, not healed, and all colors will appear strong and bold.  Even white.

If non of this changes your mind, please consult with your favorite artist about it!

FINGERS, HANDS, HEADS.  Yes.  Some artists will tattoo your fingers, hands or head.  Some will not.  Tattoo artists call these types of tattoos “JOB STOPPERS” for a reason and we generally won’t do them unless you already have experience with highly visible tattoos.

INNER LIP.  No. There is a high chance that an inner lip tattoo will heal poorly and end up looking faded, blotchy or incomplete and may actually disappear over time.

FIX-UP.  Yes!  We frequently touch up, repair and rework old, faded or poorly done tattoos.

COVER-UP.  Yes!  We cover up old, unwanted tattoos all the time.  With a personal consultation, your artist will evaluate your project and direct you towards a tattoo you will be happy to look at forever!

COVER-UP FACTORS TO CONSIDER:  1) Nothing covers dark ink better than dark ink.  2) It is very difficult to “lighten up” dark tattooed areas.  Often when a light color is tattooed over a darker color, the dark color will show through after healing.  If the goal is to “lighten” and area, it may take more that one application of the lighter color.  3) Tattoo ink does not work like paint where one layer completely covers another layer.  4) In some difficult cases, using a laser to remove or lighten all or parts of the offending old tattoo may be suggested as the best option.  5) Often the new tattoo will be larger than the original to allow for the cover up.  6) You will never cover a tribal with a Christ Head!  You just can’t.

As always your project is best discussed with your artist.

Yes.  But you can handle it and the feeling is temporary!

The sensation of getting a tattoo is an experience unique to each client.  Descriptions range from cat scratches to hot wax to a mild sunburn.  Some people say it doesn’t hurt at all.

There are things you can do to to make your visit more comfortable.  We recommend getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy meal and coming in with a positive attitude.  Some veteran tips include wearing comfortable clothes, bringing headphones or a book, snacks and soft drinks or water.

Please don’t drink alcohol  or take painkillers before getting tattooed.  They can thin your blood and alter your attitude.  We will not tattoo you if you are under the influence.  Thank you.

Pain is temporary.  Tattoos are for life!   All spots hurt to some degree so this shouldn’t be a factor in choosing your tattoo location.  Painful spots vary from client to client.

COMMON PAINFUL AREAS:  Chest, ribs, knees and elbows both back and front.

COMMON “EASY” AREAS:  Outer arm/ bicep, inner forearm and legs.

NO THANK YOU!  Drinking alcohol or taking painkillers may cause your blood to thin or alter your behavior in an unwanted way.  We stay sober for you.  We ask you to do the same for us.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

We don’t recommend using topical numbing products as they can change the quality of your skin when applied.  This may affect the final look of your tattoo.  Since creams are topical, they are wiped off during the normal tattooing process and will lose their effectiveness anyway.  You are welcome to discuss this further with your artist.

Yes.  At Red Rocket Tattoo we take your health and safety seriously.  All of our artists are tested and licensed by the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  All artists are trained in Universal Precautions consistent with hospitals and dental offices.

All needles, inks and other materials that come into contact with any client are single-use and disposable.  Equipment that is not practically disposable is sterilized to state hospital standards using a TUTTNAUER AUTOCLAVE that is maintained and spore tested monthly by an outside testing agency.  A copy of this monthly test is available for you inspection.

We do our part to insure your health and safety while getting your tattoo in our studio.

AFTERCARE is YOUR responsibility and easy enough to maintain by following the instructions in our AFTERCARE TIPS section.

The outside world is a dirty place!  It is all up to you to care for and protect your new tattoo until it is healed!

Sorry, No.  Tattooing introduces foreign matter into the body (pigment into skin) and causes temporary changes in the body’s chemistry during the process.  We are not willing to risk potentially harming babies!  Any further questions should be addressed to your doctor.

Tattoo shops are not licensed in the state of New York.  All of our artists are licensed by the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and have been trained in Universal Precautions, blood Borne Pathogens and Cross Contamination Prevention procedures.

Yes!  Tipping is the commonly accepted practice to show appreciation for a job well done.  Tattooing is a service industry like barbers and hairdressers.

As a guideline, the normal range is 10-20%, although we appreciate whatever you may feel is appropriate.

For multi-session tattoos, it is customary to leave a smaller tip after each session, rather than leaving a large tip at the end.

Keep in mind that tips are accepted in cash only.

Thank you very much!