Shannon Ritchie

Missouri, USA — 20 + Years. OG STATUS EXPERIENCE

Hours: MONDAY, TUESDAY, FRIDAY: 12-8pm SUNDAY 12-6pm

Available: By appointment or walk-in. ACCEPTING CASH OR CARD. Please plan accordingly.

Instagram – @ShannonRitchie1138

Shannon Ritchie grew up in southwest Missouri and learned to tattoo in 2001. Pop culture strongly influenced his artwork growing up, and his style reflects that today. Comic books, video games, cartoons, and film imagery are the things he likes to tattoo the most, and he always gets excited when he gets the chance to do something in that vein. As thoroughly as he enjoys making the weird, over-the-top tattoos, he always crafts the cleanest tattoo he can, regardless of style. Absolutely get one of his unique animal skull or cephalopod wizard designs!  No one else does it like Shannon!  Also, his favorite color is purple.

Hugs and kisses.