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Current Studio Got Your Down?

Looking For A Change?

Red Rocket Tattoo is interviewing for a tattoo artist position.

This is an opportunity for a hard-working, established artist to land in an open comfortable studio, smack in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, with plenty of freedom, flexibility, and room to grow artistically, personally and financially!

We are a diverse group of artists working in an open environment with the common goal of making a solid living doing excellent tattoos.  Red Rocket Tattoo is known world wide but we are not rockstars or drama seekers, so you can keep that shit at home.

Please be:

Professional, Experienced, Established.   We expect a minimum of 7 years experience working in a custom studio.  You should have your New York License and recent copy of your Blood Bourne Pathogen test.  You should be able to communicate and work well with clients and front desk, be presentable and well mannered.  Please have a portfolio for viewing.