How much will my tattoo cost?

The short and sweet answer is, it depends on the tattoo.  There are many factors determining the cost of a tattoo including size, placement, color vs. black and grey, or simple outlines.  Complexity of design, number of sessions and pure skill necessary all factor into the cost.

OUR SHOP MINIMUM is $100.00.  This is our starting point, no matter how tiny, and increases from there accordingly.  Most single-sitting tattoos will be given a flat rate at consultation.

OUR HOURLY RATE is $250.00 per hour which applies to very large or multi-session tattoos.  It is often difficult to estimate how long some multi-session tattoos will take to complete.  Sessions are usually 3-4 hours long and spaced about two weeks apart to allow for healing in between sessions but is at the discretion of your artist.  The cost of a larger tattoo may be spread out over time (or paychecks!) by making sessions further apart to allow your body and wallet to recover.  However it is best to move right on through to completion of your large tattoo so it remains fresh in your artist’s mind and spirit!

Specific estimates or price quotes need to be made through a personal consultation.

We accept all major credit cards and good old fashioned cash.  DEPOSITS and TIPS are cash only, please.